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Hide Yo Kids and Hide Yo CANDY!

Posted by Jamie | Posted in 2010 Podcast | Posted on 10-27-2010 | 5 Comments

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The Crew celebrates Halloween and talks about all sorts of creepy goodness:

  • Antoine Dodson – our hero – has one of the best-selling costumes this year
  • Big Kev and J-me check out Creepyworld and Lemp Brewery haunted houses in STL
  • Big Kev and J-me saw Paranormal Activity 2
  • The Crew discusses the pussification of trick-or-treating
  • Anti-bullying legislation??
  • Comment to win a free T-shirt!
  • Email us at show@bigkev.fm

And much more!

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Comments (5)

You guys need to leave the “brotha’s” alone.
As a child who grew up in poverty, I was rarely allowed to have candy as it was not in the budget so on Halloween I was one of those kids who hit all the “good” spots to get the “good” candy… and by the way you guys suck and I only listen to your show when I am completely bored and my wiener is too sore to jerk off…and yes I would like a shirt to use as a cum rag! you guys should do a show on how to stick your wiener in your own butthole!

Dear Big Kev Crew,

I just got home from hanging out with a couple of my friends, It was our Big Kev Night, as it is every wednesday, its a night where all of us canadians laugh our asses right off and a night where know what to expect, eh.

We expect the whole BKV gang to voice their opinions without any regard for the listeners, just as if they were not even podcasting, just hanging out and talking. The honesty and truth to almost every word spoken and experience described is an amazing concept too seldom seen from others. The fact that all of us feel like we are sitting, laughing and smoking in the same room as you is a pretty fan-fucking-tastic feeling, The nonchalant and un-PC attitudes are a mirror image of how I feel about issues of race, bullying, animal cruelty and , yes, even halloween.

When you feel included in a conversation, made to laugh fucking hysterically and at the same time contemplate current events and their impact on regular people,it is a good thing. If all of this happens when the other people in that conversation are miles away and you havent even said a word, it`s exceptional, it`s Big Kev`s always amazing View.

I would greatly enjoy the chance to kick some ass up here in Canada while wearing a Big Kev shirt, and I spend a lot of time in the states too which might bring you a few US listeners. Even better, I have a place in washington state that you can ship it to, lower cost for you, faster delivery for me!

Thanks for making every wednesday a day that my friends and I look forward to.

Matt Lemcke
The Biggest fan of the Biggest Show on the internet, Big Kevs View

I am really, really torn on Brad’s touching comments and the A++ markout of the Mighty Mattman (Canadian Contingent Rules)…I know I would very much like my shirt used for a jizz moper. Oh decisions!

A jizz moper? Something mopey abooot jizz?? Grammar Police. Ticket issued. Jizz MOPPER.

I vote hot Canadian guy, eh?

ghetto whore. purveyor of evil. Just cause you wanna bang the Canadian Contingent doesn’t give you the right to grammar police me. White devil!!!

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